Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres

Hi Ellen,

I am pleased to inform you that after more than 7 months of talking to pet owners and development, we are set to launch Petbulb; A Social + Deals Mobile APP for Pet Owners that will help Pet Owners Connect, Share, Network and Save On Pet Expenses.

We will like to work with you and have you on the board of Petbulb Corp.  Your love for Pets and how you support and help others to achieve their dreams deeply intrigues and inspire us a great deal. Having you on the board will mean a lot to us and we are ready to offer you equity in return.

About Us:

Petbulb was founded by Margaret Nieradka and Paul Ikhane.

Margaret Nieradka is Head of Marketing and Co-founder of Petbulb. Maggie as she is mostly called. Maggie studied Arts and Education and she has been an investor and entrepreneur since she was 11 years old, having invested in her friend’s startup and offering paid services to families in her neighborhood. Maggie comes from a long generation of Pet Owners and Lovers who would rather provide for their pets before anyone in the family. Maggie is driven and has deep concerned for Pets who are exploited and has a passion to provide a voice for all Pets and Animals through the voices of Pet Owners and Animal Lovers.

Paul Ikhane has a background in computer science and he is a self thought programmer and web developer. Paul is a serial entrepreneur, having founded other companies in Entertainment and Media. Paul grew up with the image of when the family dog was taken away by a family friend because the landlord refused them having the dog and growing up in a country where cats are considered evil, he believes the way to create a better world for pets and animals is for Pet Owners to share their experiences about their pets with the world.


Currently, we are giving early access to Pet Owners to be first Users of Petbulb. We are also reaching out to Pet businesses in Toronto where we are launching first, to collaborate with and give early access to list their businesses and deals on Petbulb. There is no fee attached for pet businesses to list deals on Petbulb.

We will be pleased if you will consider joining Petbulb as it will help us towards achieving our goal of providing a global space for Pets Owners and Pet Businesses.

Please accept our apologies if approaching you this way offends you, we didn’t know any other way to approach you.

Thank you very much for your time.

Sincerely Yours,

Margaret Nieradka


Petbulb Corp.