We Help Pet Businesses Sell More To Pet Parents In Their Community!

Petbulb officially announces its drive to help Pet Business reach more Pet Parents in North America and sell more. Pet Businesses have the opportunity to have early access to sign up for FREE and list deals for their Pet Businesses and sell to Pet Parents in their local community.

The process is simple and easy, as Petbulb’s target is to get pet businesses to sell more to pet owners in their local community which will in turn help them increase sales while also helping pet owners save on monthly pet expenses. It is a win-win situation for everyone as pet business do not pay any fee to list deals on Petbulb and they can list as many as they can handle. Pet businesses will be able to upload deals, track and monitor their deals and sales, reach more pet owners in their local community, sell more and grow their business at no extra cost.

The commission is based on the price of the product or services which will usually be between 10% and 20% or a fixed price, as it depends on the Pet Business.

To request for a Merchant Account please click on the link below;


We at Petbulb are very excited to be of service to pet businesses and bring exciting offers to Pet Parents in North America.

Paul Ikhane