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Privacy Policy

The features you use on Petbulb will determine the kind of information we will collect from you which may include your personal information.

Petbulb will collect data, contents and other information you provide as you use features on Petbulb; the data, contents or information will include those you provide when you sign up for your account, create your profile/account, share information or communicate with others using Petbulb. The data, contents or information you provide as you use Petbulb may include but not limited to geographical location, photos, videos, documents, news content etc. Such data, content or information we collect could also include how you share information or interact with Petbulb, the amount of time you spend on Petbulb and what you do.

When other users or people use Petbulb we collect data, contents or information they provide and share. These data, contents or information might be about you, such as but not limited to videos, photos images, and personal messages etc.
Petbulb also collect data, contents or information on and from the pages or groups that you belong to or connected to as well as how you interact with these pages and groups such as the amount of time you spend on the pages or groups and how you communicate with users and non-users. Any information you upload or synchronize from any device is also collected which could be personal or non-personal, contact data, contents or other forms of information.

Petbulb collects data, contents and information from or about the computers, pads, phones, or other mobile or communications devices on which you have installed or from where you have accessed our Petbulb App; the collection of information will depend on the permissions you have set in the options provided in Petbulb App. The data, contents or information we collect may be combined or synchronized with other data, contents or information we collect from other sources or devices or from other users. We collect these data, contents or information anytime you use Petbulb from any device, browser, software or application, or use a partner website or application; we may also collect these data, contents or information when you use a third-party application of a partner or merchant.

When you use Petbulb to make purchases or carry out any online transaction, we may collect your data, contents or information about the purchase or transaction.

Every data, content, or information we collected on Petbulb is used only for the purposes necessary for running Petbulb and serve you better as a user or non-user of our network. We work to deliver information to serve you and this is dependent on the data, contents or information we have collected; we also use your location to provide information to you. In our “deals section”, we provide information on deals close to you by using your location. We may use the data, contents or information we collect from time to time to improve Petbulb App and services. We may from time to time, ask users to provide certain information to help improve our services.

Petbulb may send you information about deals in your location using the information you provide or upload. We may also send you updates on new features, terms and policy and anything that helps to optimize your usage of Petbulb services.

Data, contents and information we collect are also used for security purposes, such as account verification and user and non-user activities on Petbulb. We ensure the security and protection of data, contents and information you provide and prevent misuse of such information.

Petbulb is a social network and also a platform for accessing and buying deals on pet merchandize and accessories. Petbulb users will connect, network and share data, contents and information with others and the data, contents and information you provide helps us achieve this. Users can adjust their settings to select who they give access to view activities and information on their Petbulb account. You can set the data, contents or information you share so the public (users or non-users on Petbulb or off Petbulb) cannot access this information unless they are your friends or followers on Petbulb. You can delete any data, content or information you do not want anyone to see or access on your Petbulb account.

You can also delete your account at any time. Once you delete your account we will delete the data, contents and information you posted or uploaded. This does not include information that other users or non-users have posted and uploaded or shared about you.

The data, contents or information that you upload or share on Petbulb may also be shared by other users or non-users; you may however report such activity if you do not want your information shared by others and we will work hard to resolve the issue. Any third-party application you use while on Petbulb may access and use your data, contents or information, be sure to consult their terms before you use these third-party applications. We may share your data, contents, information with our partners, this may include but not limited to uploads, what others upload about you, what you and others share etc. We share these data, contents and information to tailor our services to you and improve your experience with Petbulb. Your data, contents and information may be stored in our system in order to provide you with a tailored service on Petbulb.

In the case of a legal issue or investigation by law enforcement agents, we may share your data, content or information with the appropriate authority if the law requires us to do so. Your information may also be shared to aid the investigation of fraud or illegal activity or abuse in any form. This may include data, contents, uploads, posts shared by you or others. We may hold data, contents and information you upload or post if they are needed in any investigation.

We will notify you before we make changes to this privacy policy and give you the opportunity to review and comment on any revised privacy policy before continuing to use our services.

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