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This is our terms of service that governs our relationship with users and anyone who interact with Petbulb, as well as all Petbulb Brands, its Products and Services, which we sometimes refer to or call “The Services”. By using or accessing The Services, you agree to this Terms , as updated from time to time.

A. User Privacy
The privacy of Users and one using Petbulb is very important to us. Please see our privacy how to disclose any important information about you when you use Petbulb to share with others and how Petbulb collects and can use your content and information. Please read and consult the privacy policy to know how to use our App share your information.

B. Account Registration and Security
Users of Petbulb are encouraged to use their real names and information, and we ask that you help us to keep it and encourage others who want to us Petbulb to do same. Please read the following commitments you make to Petbulb by registering an account and maintaining the security of that account:

i. You agree not to provide any false personal information on Petbulb or create an account for anyone without their permission or approval.
ii. You agree not to create or own more than one personal account.
iii. You agree that we can disable your account and when we do you will not open or create any one without our permission.
iv. You agree not to put to use your account for the sole aim of your own commercial gain. You will rather use Pages on Petbulb.
v. You agree not to use Petbulb unless you are 18 and above.
vi. You agree not to use Petbulb for dating purpose or to seek for a date.
vii. You agree to update and keep all your information on Petbulb accurate and up-to-date.
viii. You agree not to share your password or login details or give access to your account to someone else as to jeopardize the security of your account.
ix. You agree not to transfer your account or pages or groups that you manage as the administrator or co-manage to anyone without a written permission from Petbulb.
x. You agree that Petbulb can delete, remove or reclaim any username or page or group that you have used that is similar to another one if a trademark owner complains about that name.

C. Sharing or Posting Your Content and Information
Any content and information you share or post on Petbulb is owned by you and can control such information is shared by others via the privacy and settings in your account. You can also:
i. Any content that has intellectual property rights that you post will come with permissions for Petbulb thus; granting Petbulb a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any such content that you post or share on or in connection with Petbulb. This permission only ends when you delete such content or delete your account but if such content has been shared with or by others and they have not deleted it the permission remains.
ii. Any deleted contents is deleted same way as the recycle bin on a computer. Be aware that contents that are removed may still be available on backup copies and maybe be so for a lengthy period of time.
iii. Posting or sharing contents with your settings set to public, you are allowing anyone; users or non-users of Petbulb to access and use that information, and to associate it with you.
iv. We welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions but we never compensate for any feedback and suggestions we make use of in any form.

D. User Safety
Our team on Petbulb will and does its best to keep Petbulb safe all the time but we cannot guarantee it all any time. We ask users and non-users of Petbulb to help us keep Petbulb safe as well by adhering to the following:
i. You agree not to post or share unauthorized commercial communications, e.g spam and unsolicited messages on Petbulb.
ii. You agree not to collect any content or information of any user, or access Petbulb with automated means, e.g. harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers without a prior permission.
iii. You agree not to get involved in any unlawful marketing e.g pyramid scheme or MLM while on Petbulb.
iv. You agree not to upload malwares or viruses.
v. You agree not to try to access the login information of any account that is not yours unless you have permission from the owner of the account.
vi. You agree not to cause of any form of harm to any user by bullying or intimidating or harass them.
vii. You agree not to post or share any content that contains any form of hate speech, threat or pornographic, is violent and does not dignify Pets or Animals or Anyone.
viii. You agree not to develop or operate in any form any third-party application related to unlawful or that goes against Petbulb’s objective including but not limited to mature and adult contents contacting Petbulb to seek approval.
ix. You agree not to use Petbulb to do any unlawful, misleading, malicious and or discriminatory activities.
x. You agree not to encourage or facilitate or support anyone or any form to violate this terms and policies.

E. Protecting Intellectual and Copy rights
At Petbulb we always respect Pets and Users and Non-users’ rights, and we encourage and expect you to do the same.

i. You agree not post or share content or take do anything on Petbulb that infringes or violates Pets or people’s rights or violates any law.
ii. You agree that we can delete or remove contents or information posted or shared on Petbulb if we believe they violate these terms or Pets or people’s rights.
iii. You agree that we have the rights without seeking any permission to delete or remove any post or content if they infringe any intellectual property or copyright, and if you think otherwise you will be provide an opportunity to make an appeal or claim. And if a user infringes any intellectual property or copyrights, we have the rights to disable the user’s account.
iv. You agree not to use Petbulb intellectual property or copyrights or Trademarks, except with a written permission from us.
v. You agree that before you access or collect information for other user you will obtain their permission and let them know they you are the one accessing or collection same information and must explain to the how you will use the information.
vi. You agree not to post or share any user or anyone's identity or similar documents whether they are personal or financial documents or information on Petbulb.
vii. You agree not to tag users or send any form of invitations to them without their permission.

F. Mobile and Other Devices
i. Our mobile services are free at present, but charges may still apply from your service provider for SMS and data usage.
ii. You agree that whenever you change or deactivate your mobile number, you will update same in your account information on Petbulb within 2 days.
iii. You agree that users have the permission to sync their devices with any content or information that is visible to them on Petbulb.

G. About Content
Petbulb is a community where Pet Owners can socialize and also buy deals and save on pet expenses, we try to deliver quality information. In order to help us do that, you agree to the following:

i. You agree to allow and give us the permission to use your name, profile picture, content, location and information to serve you deals. Please not that you will not be compensated in any way
ii. Petbulb does and will not give your content or information to anyone without letting first letting you know.

H. Payments
You agree to the follow by making any payment made on Petbulb. You agree to:
i. If you are under the age of 18, you can only make payments only with the approval and watch of an Adult or Parent or Guardian.
ii. You agree that Petbulb may contact you regarding your purchase if you buy anything on Petbulb.
iii. When you purchase anything on Petbulb, you agree to provide a valid payment instrument and after you have successfully completed any transaction you will we will then transfer that value to the developer offering the content you wish to purchase.
iv. Please go through the details of any order you made on Petbulb as the total price for the order may include taxes, fees, and shipping costs which you are responsible for paying.
v. You may be presented with additional terms which are related to a specific transaction before you can confirm the transaction example; shipping terms. Any additional terms will also govern that transaction.
vi. We may require that you provide more information in order to complete a transaction.
vii. You agree that you are aware and accept that products or services you may purchase on Petbulb are sold by third party partners/merchants and not Petbulb. Petbulb therefore make no warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to any products or services sold on or through Petbulb.
viii. Petbulb processes all payment transactions through a third-party gateway, you may be required to provide extra verification before your payment will be process and you may be charged extra fees.
ix. Refunds are made only through direct deposit into user’s bank account if they so request and have met the requirement for a refund.
x. You agree that Petbulb have the rights to We may delay or limit the availability of your purchase, for either safety reasons, or to make sure we possess all relevant information necessary to process the payment and deliver to you what you have paid for.
xi. Petbulb reserves the right to cancel any if we believe such transaction violates any of its Terms or Policy.
xii. Petbulb may have the right with prior information or permission to stop or delay an order to prevent financial loss to users or to Petbulb. Petbulb also have the right with prior information or permission to contact user’s financial institution in order to prevent fraud or financial loss and this may mean Petbulb sharing your personal or private information.
xiii. You agree that when you make a purchase on Petbulb you are making a purchase with a third-party merchant/partner and if you have a dispute over the goods or services you purchased, Petbulb is not liable for the goods or services. However we provide assistance in resolving such dispute.
xiv. You agree to notify Petbulb immediately if you notice an authorized transaction in your account as this will help us take action to fix any problem or issues and you agree to submit a claim within 39days thus, failure to do means you lose and have waved all claims in all regard with regards to such authorized transaction.

I. Deals and Purchases
i. Petbulb will do all it can to ensure that merchants/partners are verified before they have their products or services listed on Petbulb. You are required to however to verify products and services that they are real, available and exactly what you wish to purchase before you make payment.
ii. You agree that you are responsible for every purchase you make on Petbulb, making payment and ensuring that you are purchasing the right product or services.
iii. You agree that you are responsible for getting every product or services you purchase on Petbulb and Petbulb is not liable for any loss or failure of delivery

J. Special Provisions Applicable to Pages and Groups
If you own or administer a page or group on Petbulb you agree to the following:

i. Pages or Groups can be managed by only the creator or someone they authorized to.
ii. Any user may create a Page or a group and accept other users who share similar interest as long as they don’t mis-inform or mislead anyone.
iii. No user should create a page or group that represents a brand or person without their permission.
iv. You may choose to restrict other users to access on your.
v. You cannot have terms for any page that conflicts with our terms.
vi. The page name and url extension must accurately reflect what the page represents and its contents.
vii. Petbulb has the right to change or remove or reclaim a page or its administrative rights and name and url
viii. If you use a Petbulb page to communicate or do a promotion or poll you become solely responsible for all the page’s lawful operation which includes ‘All’; rules, terms, regulations (authority, etc) promotion.
ix. You must let users or non-users of Petbulb know that Petbulb is in no way connected or associated to/with your page and any of it operations. And if you request for people’s data or content you must also let them know and give you consent as well let them know what you will do with such data or content
x. Personal accounts are not allowed to be used to carry out promotions of any nature.
xi. Petbulb does not allow third party advertising on Petbulb pages.

K. Special Provisions Applicable to Software
i. You are agree that will have the permission to upgrade or install updates, add features, remove or delete features or add new apps from time to time by downloading and installing Petbulb App and signing up as a user of Petbulb.

K. Amendments of Terms

i. Petbulb will inform you before we make changes to these Terms, we however reserve the right to take your comment and may choose to make changes to these terms without prior notice.
ii. If you continue to use Petbulb after any changes is made you are agreeing to the changes

M. Termination
Petbulb reserves the right to terminate or stop any user or anyone from using Petbulb if they violate or do not believe in Petbulb’s policies and pose a legal risk to Petbulb. You will be notified once your account is terminated.

N. Disputes
i. All claims or dispute arising from or relating to this Terms or with Petbulb will be exclusively resolve in Canada and you agree to resolve all litigating issues according to the proceedings of the court system in Canada. These terms is governed by the laws of Canada and any claims that will arise without any conflict.
ii. If a claim is against or related to a user or content or date or information, Petbulb is indemnified and cannot be held for any damages, expenses or losses in a form or in kind or in cash in relation to such or any claim. Petbulb is in no way responsible for what users do online or offline.
iii. Petbulb will always try to ensure that our App is safe and bug free, but Petbulb does not guarantee that it’s App will 100% safe and bug free and so you agree that by using Petbulb you put yourself at risk. Petbulb does not provide any warranties in any form. Petbulb does not guarantee that you will not experience technical or mechanical problems when you use its App and in the case of loss or damage of data or information Petbulb is in no way liable. If you use Petbulb you agree to never bring a legal case against or hold Petbulb liable for any infringement or copyrights or any form legal issues of a third-party, you will not hold or bring a legal case against Petbulb, its directors, employees, or agents.
iv. In any case where Petbulb is liable, the amount shall not exceed One Hundred Dollars (Canadian).

O. Special Provisions Applicable to Users Outside of Canada
Petbulb will always to ensure the community is open to Pet Owners from all over the world maintaining the law as it applies. If you use Petbulb in any form or way outside of Canada please take note:
i. You agree that your personal data may be stored and transferred by our system outside your country.
ii. You are responsible for getting every product or services you purchase on Petbulb and Petbulb is not liable for any loss or failure of delivery


By using, accessing and communicating on/with Petbulb App, you agree that Petbulb can collect and use contents, data and any information in accordance with our policy.

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